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MVP Services, MVP Profiles, Athletic Recruiters, MVP Recruits, and it subsidiaries have been assisting College-Bound Student-Athletes for over 22 years! In 1994 our CEO and Founder launched his career with a competitor. He quickly estabished himself as a top and multiple award winning Licensee of the competitor, before deciding to launch his own company. His awards from the competitor included the following; for 1995-1996, Licensee Of The Year; in 1997, Top Producer of the company; and in 1998, before leaving the competitor; he earned the Outstanding Service Award. Since 1994, he has assisted many athletes in achieving their goal of competing in college sports. In December of 1998, he launched Athletic Recruiters Service, and in 2002, he launched MVP Services, MVP Profiles, and MVP Recruits. He decided in 2002, to make MVP Services the holding company of his other companies.  He and his partner developed a user friendly and very robust profile and video software system in December, of 1998, and expanded the video profile software system in 2002, to where Business Owners, Sports Clubs and High School sport programs could lease and use the video profile software to develop recruiting programs, and assist their athletes in achieving their goal of competing in collegiate sports. In 2010 he and his partner launch a even more robust system to assist recruiting business owners, entrepreneur newly launched recruiting businesses, sports clubs and school sport programs assist  college-bound athletes with their college exposure. Once we demo our software, you may recognize many businesses and/or organizations which use our recruiting software, but under their names and branding. We are different from other companies in which we do not require our software Leasers to use our name and branding. They use their own business names and branding... it is their business so why not? YOUR business investment and profits are only invessted into YOUR business, not ours. Come grow YOUR business with our unique and robust recruiting software! If you have the strong desire to start a sports recruiting business, expand your present recruiting business, or if you operate sport programs, then you may want to consider our software lease opportunity.

Making the leap from high school player, to college athlete requires having the athletic Ability to participate at the collegiate level, academic Eligibility, plus EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE and even more EXPOSURE, to open the door to the Opportunities of an athletic scholarship. By utilizing our video profile system during their recruiting process, athletes can maximize their potential for the opportunity of a sport and/or academic scholarship to participate in the sport or sports of their choice.

Our video profile software system does just that for athletes – it creates scholarship opportunities for the college-bound athlete. Scholarship opportunities that are fueled by exposure, exposure and more exposure to college coaches. Exposure which leads to sports scholarships at quality colleges across the country.

Remember … it’s all about Ability, Eligibility, and EXPOSURE, when it comes to seizing a college scholarship OPPORTUNITY!!!

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